Sunday, September 30, 2007

Marty Peretz, "The Palestinians' Pathetic Human Tragedy," 6/17/07:
"But nowhere is the war-torn and war-ravaged picture of the Arabs more clear than among the Palestinians, those who were always pointed to as the best educated and most civilized of the Arabs. When Fatah and Hamas and Islamic Jihad and all of the dozens of minor gangster grouplets were just killing Jews, Israelis, there was the excuse of the Naqba, the refugees, the settlements. On and on over six decades, and really a century. But now they are killing each other. The cause that was imagined to unite all Islam--against the United States and Israel and the West--was more fractious, more bloody, more hand-to-hand brutal and as cruel as their cousins as in other lands. And more primitive.”

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