Friday, January 26, 2007

It's On

Inspired by this couple of posts over at Matt Yglesias's blog, I decided to compile some examples of TNR-owner and editor-in-chief Marty Peretz's bigotry and anti-Arab racism, as well as some of the commentary on Peretz.

My intention here is not to embarrass Peretz, which I think is probably impossible. My intention is to expose Peretz's racism against Arabs, especially the Palestinian people, and to place his writing in the context of a career spent scorning, smearing, and sneering at Arab and Islamic cultures, so that American liberals can no longer pretend not to know that the owner and editor-in-chief of one of America's most prominent liberal magazines is an enthusiastic bigot.

There are a number of liberal writers and bloggers, Yglesias, Eric Alterman, Glenn Greenwald, and the crew at Lawyers, Guns and Money among them, who have consistently been willing to call Peretz on his racism. Hopefully, this number will grow.

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